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About Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP).

Our aim is to make the city safe for all and our mission is to work for a better and safer Chittagong.

Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) came into being on 30 November, 1978. Mr. M.M Sharif Ali the first Commissioner. CMP started its course with 6 police stations along with 3238 forces in 1978. Population of Chittagong City stood to be less than 10, 00,000.

The Metropolitan area itself has increased in shape and size year after year. This increased population and area must of course, call for extended quality service. So modernization and improvement of CMP is a demand of time. This concept led to reshaping CMP in respect of force, size, modernization and organizational structure. The big step towards materializing this process is to establish 16 police stations instead of 6.

CMP Services

Police Clearance
Police clearance can easily be collected from CMP headquarters. For receiving police clearance a citizen of Chittagong Metropolitan area has to submit the application to CMP`s Police Clearance One-stop service at the address:

Address: City SB Office, Lal Dighir Par, CMP Headquarters. 
Know details about this service from this link....

Money Escort
CMP provides Money Escort to citizens. Any person transferring cash money can get help from police. Citizens are advised to contact local police station/Control Room to get Money Escort facilities.

Personal Security
CMP provides security to the person who reasonably shows ground to be protected.

In case of fire out break

City dwellers can ask for assistance by dialing control room phone number in case of sudden outbreak of fire. Informed police will immediately contact with the nearest Fire Service and Civil Defense Department to send the Fire Fighters to the affected area. CMP also sends the local police to the affected area for the security of life & property of the people.

Legal Assistance
Providing and assistance to the victim of criminal case is the prime duty of CMP. CMP personnel also mentor the victims of criminal cases in legal matters.

Community Policing
Community Policing strategy is a concept that community interaction and support can help control crime and reduce fear, with community members helping to identify and detain suspects and bring local problems to the attention of police.

Victim Support Center
Victim Support Center
 provide legal assistance to the oppressed and helpless women and children. Service of this center are

·         Legal service

·         Treatment

·         Counseling

·         Residence (for 5 days)

·         Legal and rehabilitation service via related NGO`s.

Address: Victim Support Centre, Doublemooring Police Station. CMP. Chittagong.

Vehicle Theft & Recovery Database (VTRD)

This is a recent on-line service provided by CMP. If any theft vehicle is recovered by other police station, in many cases, the owner doesn`t know. By this service the owner of the theft vehicle will get an SMS when vehicle will be recovered by any police station.


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